How to Become a Rydal Park Resident

For many Rydal Park residents, the single biggest decision is acknowledging that true independence begins when you free yourself from daily responsibilities and future worry. What our residents discover is that a beautiful, active and supportive community like Rydal Park provides peace of mind — not only to them but to their families.

Easy Steps to Make Rydal Park Your Home

  1. Application for residency
    Once you decide to become a Rydal Park resident, step one is to reserve your apartment with a deposit and complete an application.
  2. Application review
    Your application will consist of both a financial and medical summary. Following the review, applicants will meet with a member of our wellness team to ensure that incoming residents are a good fit for independent living.
  3. The residency agreement
    You will receive a copy of the residency agreement and disclosure statement for your review. Upon a mutually agreeable date, your sales team consultant will coordinate your agreement signing, entrance fee payment and orientation plans.
  4. Getting help on move-in day!
    Rydal Park’s expert team will assist you in coordinating your move and will work with you on timing — all to help alleviate stress and ensure a smooth transition.