Man Bakes up Smiles with Cake Making Talent

Skip McClurg works in the maintenance department at Rydal Park, a Presby’s Inspired Life community in Jenkintown. He’s been with the organization for 16 years. Over the last few years, he’s become known as “the cake man.” It started with baking birthday cakes for team members in his department, then grew into adding those team members in housekeeping. At the height of his generosity, he was baking up to 60 cakes a year.

“It made people happy, and they’d share the cakes with others,” says McClurg, “The good news is that I can follow directions on the cake box, and it’s really pretty simple.”

Skip quickly learned fellow employees’ favorite types of cakes — from red velvet to strawberry to chocolate — however, he also discovered that he was baking all the time and sometimes until midnight just to make sure he had a cake to bring in the next day.

He’s slowed down a bit now and only puts his baking talents to work when residents or others request cakes for charity fundraising. Skip truly enjoys getting to know the residents at Rydal Park and is loved by his fellow team members. While his day job may be fixing and repairing,  , he has discovered that bakingIs the icing on the cake that brings a smile to everyone he encounters. .

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