Rydal Park Resident Stories

For all who have made the move to Rydal Park, life here means something very special. Meet some of the exceptional people we’re proud to call our neighbors. See the sense of fulfillment in their faces, hear it in their voices, and get a sense of life at this exceptionally spirited community.

Rydal Park: Words


Resident, Rydal Park

“My favorite Rydal Park moment was when all of the furniture in our living room was in place, and my wife entered the apartment and said, ‘I love this place!'”


Resident, Rydal Park

“It’s been great getting to know the staff at the concierge desk, in the café, bar and dining room. They are all so very nice and made my transition to Rydal Park so much nicer!”


Resident, Rydal Park

“We moved to Rydal Park on the first day of December in 2009. The day after our move, there was a snowstorm, and I was in the warm Rydal Park swimming pool looking out to see the snow coming down! It was a memorable swim, and I was relieved not to have to take out the shovel and snowblower!”


Resident, Rydal Park

“The community team and teamwork of Rydal Park make it possible for us to recapture the diversity of our earlier years. We benefit and share different aspects of our own lives and receive the same from other residents. Rydal Park offers near endless choices for members to benefit from, explore and continue to be engaged in the world. My most favorite moment is working with our personal trainer, Angie McNellis.”