Rydal Park Programs, Events and Experiences

Clubs and Classes

Rydal Park is overflowing with energy and brimming with ample opportunities to pursue passions and interests. You can do that by taking advantage of the wide assortment of clubs and classes available to you here, strengthening friendships while exercising the mind, body and spirit along the way. At Rydal Park, we are dedicated to helping you explore your passions and find new ones, too! Just a few of the clubs and courses you’ll find here: art classes, book club, comparative religion studies, current events discussions, fitness classes, walking clubs — the list goes on.

Travel and Excursions

With a perfect location, minutes from the quaint shops and creative kitchens of Abington Township, and a short train ride into the cultural heart of Center City, Rydal Park is ideally situated for a wide range of fascinating day excursions and longer trips. Whether you’re in the mood to explore the lush greenery of the Morris Arboretum, treat your ears to the Philadelphia Opera or head down for a weekend jaunt to Ocean City, you’ll find a world of opportunities at your doorstep.

Cultural Experiences

At Rydal Park, our residents embrace and celebrate their diverse heritages through the many cultural gifts of the Delaware Valley. From ethnic dining experiences and world-renowned theatrical presentations to museum visits, educational lectures, concerts and special programming — both on- and off-campus — Rydal Park residents are proud to continue enriching their lives by learning about the world around them.