Future Care

It’s the subject we least want to think or talk about, yet it’s essential that we plan for it. Most of us will need health care at some point. And for those of us who have planned a future at Rydal Park, the uncertainty that often surrounds that topic is simply not a factor. By entering into a residency agreement here, individuals are managing potential emotional, financial and other issues that can arise with a change in health status — while assuring that care, if needed, will be provided by some of our region’s most experienced and committed health care professionals.

Levels of Living

At Rydal Park, we are committed to helping all of our residents and guests achieve and maintain health in mind, body and spirit. That’s why we offer living choices and treatment options personalized to each person’s unique health and financial needs.

As one of the premier Life Plan Communities in the area, we offer active, vibrant independent living for people 62 and better, in bright, spacious residences. Residents also have the peace of mind, knowing they have extensive options for additional levels of living, if ever needed. These include personal careskilled care and an innovative memory care program. Both long-term residents and those in the greater community have the option of treatment in our state-of-the-art rehab center.

24-hour On-site Medical Care

Physicians, nurse practitioners and licensed nurses are the foundation of quality medical care and are available for scheduled office appointments for acute visits or routine follow-ups. Those residents who have physicians here at Rydal Park also receive thorough annual physical examinations by one of our nurse practitioners — including the ordering of appropriate screening tests and studies.

For those residents who choose to follow up with an outside physician, our wellness team is available to assist with assessing any acute concerns and may contact a resident’s primary care physician, if needed. Nursing services that can be provided in the wellness center include vital sign checking, first aid, wound care and more. Should a resident need to visit a hospital, he or she can feel secure, knowing that Rydal Park is just minutes away from Abington Hospital–Jefferson Health and other excellent health care providers.